Goods only lift TC 2C T

Hydraulic goods lift with two cylinders and tower. TC 2C is ready to comply with the strictest requirements for lifting goods between the floors. The tandem cylinders and the four guide rails brace the lift so well, which is not possible in all other systems.  With a load capacity up to 3000 kg, the TC 2C T can lift heavy pallets together with the electric pallet truck. It delivers with its lift tower with sheet metal claddings and doors. TC 2C T is not fixed forever to the building. It can be installed directly on the ground floor and later dismounted and installed in another place. It complies with the Machinery Directive EC. You can choose all the options below from the options menu.

Model TC 2C T Max Safe Load Platform wide CW Platform depth CD Travel Stops Add to cart
TC 2C T 500 500 kg
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TC 2C T 1000 1000 kg
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TC 2C T 1500 1500 kg
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TC 2C T 2000 2000 kg
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TC 2C T 2500 2500 kg
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TC 2C T 3000 3000 kg
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Models D1 and D2 (Door 1 side hinged or Door 2 side hinges) are industrial lift doors made via a new technology without welding. The locks and the hinges are outside the door for a 180-degree opening. The door complies with ЕN81-20 and EN 81-50. The door lock has a CE mark for safety regarding Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU or 2006/42/EC. The model D1H (Door 1 side hinged Half) is suitable for the installation on the last floor. The door model DFF (Door Fire Fight) is fireproof with protection class EI 60 or EI 120, according to EN 1634-1, EN 1363-1, and EN13501-2.

Door model Door opening clear width DO Door opening clear heigh DH Material/finish Quantity Add to cart
D1 one side hinged
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D2 double hinge door
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D1H half door
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one door
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DFF Fireproof
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Standard RAL system
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The door model FR (Fast Rolling) is a fast industrial rolling door with 2 lines of transparent labels for observations. It complies with 2006/42/EC. The door model 6C is a central opening sliding door in compliance with ЕN81-20 and EN 81-50. The model 4C FF is a fireproof, automatic sliding door in compliance with EN81-58, class E120, EW60, IE30 and IE120. 

Door model Door opening clear width DO Door opening clear heigh DH Material/finish Quantity Add to cart
Fast Rolling Door FR
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Sliding door 6C
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Fireproof Door 4C FF
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The cabin is a state-of-the-art option. Use this option so the lift becomes resistant to breaking due to incorrect operation. 

Legend: 1) Floor doors, 2) Lift tower, 3) Cabin, 4) Tower claddings, 5) Power cabinet, 6) Ramp

Cargo cabin Clear heigh CH Material/finish A guard at the entrance Add to cart
Single entry cabin
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Double entry cabin
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Option ramp Add to cart

With the ramp, the lift can be installed directly on the finished floor. It is not necessary to dig a "pit" below the finished floor. It is advisable to use an electric pallet truck to load the lift. Despite the small incline of ~ 3 degrees, manually pushing a load heavier than 500 kg on a ramp is a challenge.

The TC lifts have 1 speed as standard. The lifting up force comes from the pressure from the hydraulic pump via a hydraulic cylinder. The gravity causes the lifting downforce, and it is controlled by an electrical valve with accelerating and decelerating ramp with +- 7 mm accuracy of levelling. With the creeping speed option, the level accuracy can be increased to +- 3 mm. This option is for 500-kg and 1,000-kg lifts. For the lifts of more than 1,000 kg load and passenger lifts, the creeping speed is standard.

Option accuracy of levelling Add to cart
Creeping speed
Options for the tower Option Add to cart
Type of installation
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Tower claddings
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Colour of the tower
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Complex installation
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IP 53 is the standard protection class for the TC industrial lift. The lift power stations have IP 43. If you plan to install the lift outdoor or in an aggressive environment, you need better protection.

Options for IP IP class Add to cart
Better protection
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