Lifting platform for persons with impaired mobility PDS

Lifting platforms for persons with impaired mobility PDS is the most economical way to get access to floors in a building. The lift has an open deck and one protection wall on the guide rails side. After the lift's elevation, the other walls inside the shaft must be plastered or plastered and painted the way it fits into each corridor, except that here the "corridor" is vertical, and we call it the lift shaft.
PDS 1E (1 Entrance) has one entrance and the guide rails in front form the entrance. 
PDS 2E (2 Entrances) has two entrances, and the guide rails are left or right of the entrance.
PDS 3E (3 possible Entrances) is used for a 90-degree wheelchair turn inside the lift.

Legend: 1) Landing doors. 2) Lift construction shaft. 3) Protection wall. 4) Construction wall to anchor the guide rails. 5) Light. 6) Control and power cabinet. 7) Pit or ramp.

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The lift's cabin is a fully enclosed steel construction. The cabin increases lift safety. Its disadvantage is the necessity of heeding the safety space or so-called "headroom" that is a minimum of 830 mm above the cabin. For the low-headroom cabin option, the headroom is reduced. You can check also the lift model PDS A.

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Low headroom cabin
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With the ramp, the lift can be installed directly on the finished floor. It is not necessary to dig a pit below the finished floor. 

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The self-supporting column replaces the concrete wall needed to anchor the lift's guide rails. 

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Self-supporting column

The PDS lift is for indoor installation. If you plan to install the lift outdoor, you need this option.

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Better protection IP 54 for outdoor instalation
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