Trez - On Your Floor.

Trez EOOD designs, manufactures, and installs elevators and lifts. The company was born in 2006. In 2010, Trez dismantled the previous elevator and installed a new one in the highest elevator shaft in Bulgaria at that time—an industrial cargo-passenger elevator in the wall of the Vacha Dam, with a travel distance of 135 meters. Some of the largest companies in Bulgaria then became Trez clients. In 2012, Trez started designing and manufacturing lift controls. In 2013, Trez set up a mechanical design department and began developing its elevator models. The first product developed from scratch was the Compact, the grandfather of the modern TC lift. During this period, Trez established departments for sheet metal manufacturing and  hydraulic and electric drive assembly. In 2015, Trez launched the lift tower model 2020. In 2016, the company entered the UK market with the so-called "mezzanine lift"—a freight elevator with a lift tower. Clients of the company became some of the largest industrial corporations on the island.
In 2019, Trez Ltd received the Ones to Watch in Bulgaria Design and Construction Award from the English language magazine BUILD. "The article stated, 'The Design and Build Awards are our way of endorsing and recommending the most promising and best-performing firms across all sectors of architecture, construction, and interior design.'"

In 2020, Trez Ltd received the title of Most Trusted for Elevator Design, Manufacture and Installation 2020 - Europe from the Global Excellence Awards magazine. "The article stated,' The title is to reward the very best, whether a single office firm or a multinational conglomerate. To reward the paragons, the exemplars – those that are succeeding in their endeavours, and are innovating, growing, and improving.'"