TREZ Home - Small Lift for Private Houses

TREZ Home is the lift that makes life easier. It fits perfectly in the modern house. 

More automation in your home.

TREZ home brain is an industrial PLC computer with special logic for home lifts. 

More design in your home.

The cabin has seven rows with metal panels. Each panel can be made from a different material and in a different colour.

Easy to install.

TREZ home installation needs are modest. Three components are required: 1) A concrete base to step on. 2) One concrete wall for the guide rails. 3) A single-phase power supply.


With energy consumption of only 1.5 kW when travelling upward, Trez home has become one of the most economical home machines. 


TREZ home is the safest home lift. In the event of a blackout, fire, earthquake, or another natural disaster, three emergency systems take care of you: emergency lighting, SOS emergency phone, and an emergency power supply for lowering the lift to the closet's stop.


TREZ home's price is reasonable.