TREZ Home - home lift for installation in a concrete hoistway

This state-of-the-art home lift is designed to be installed in new houses. The drive and control are in a separate machine cabinet that is mounted up to twenty meters from the shaft. The construction shaft may be made of bricks; the wall for the guide rails is preferably made of reinforced concrete.

Legend: 1) Landing door, 2) Cabin, 3) Guide rails, 4) Construction shaft, 5) Power cabinet.

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The lift's landing doors are made from sheet metal and then painted in RAL colour. As an option, they can be aluminium or automatic doors.

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Aluminium Swing Door
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Automatic door
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As a standard, the TREZ home cabin is made of 15 horizontal stainless steel panels. The floor is anti-slip vinyl, and the ceiling is suspended with LED light. The floor, ceiling or panels may be changed from the options below. Please do not hesitate to call ++ 359 2 4830790 or email us at with any questions or concerns.

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Cabin walls
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Cabin floor
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