Trez - On Your Floor.

1. What does "bottom" of the shaft mean?

Part of the lift shaft extending from the threshold level of the lowest site to the floor of the lift shaft.

2. What is the difference between a hoist and an elevator?

The difference is in having a cabin- when there is, the facility is an elevator when there isn't one- it's a hoist.

3. What does " floor door " mean?

A door in the opening of an elevator shaft. It provides safe access to the lift cabin.

4. What does " travel " mean?

This is the distance that the lift/ hoist goes from the lowest level ( first stop ), to the floor of the last level ( last stop ).

5. What does " goods lift " mean?

It is a hoist/lift designed for the carriage of goods, forklifts, etc.

6. What does " elevator cabin " mean?

Part of the lift carrying passengers and/or other goods.

7. What does " cab threshold " mean?

The lower horizontal element of the elevator cabin entrance.

8. What does "lifting" mean?

The maximum mass of the payload and/or passengers for which the lift system has been calculated shall be its nominal capacity. It does not include the cabin's own mass and all devices attached to it.

9. What is emergency lighting for?

A battery-powered lamp in the lift cab that serves as emergency lighting when the power is cut off.

10. What are buffers for?

Their purpose is to ensure the safe braking of the cab when they fail as a result of any malfunction.